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Nursing Home Negligence/Neglect

Kelly & Castagna provides experienced representation to victims of nursing home negligence and neglect.  We have successfully represented clients who have suffered injuries as a result of:

  • Patient falls
  • Patients dropped during transfers
  • Medication mismanagement
  • Long term neglect

Many of these accidents result in very serious injuries.  People in nursing homes often suffer greater injuries than the general population due to advanced age or chronic health conditions which make their bodies more susceptible to injury.  A fall that would result in minor injuries to a young, healthy person can often result in serious fractures, organ injuries, brain trauma, or even death for an elderly or ill person.  Nursing homes are held responsible for the safety of their residents, including taking proper precautions to prevent falls.

Nursing homes are also held responsible for the proper administration of all medication, therapy, and other doctor’s orders.  Mistakes in medication administration, or failure to comply with physician orders, can result in serious injury to residents.

Finally, nursing homes are responsible for the overall care of their residents.  Neglect of residents can include:

  • Failure to reposition a bed-ridden resident, resulting in bed sores
  • Failure to ensure proper nutrition
  • Failure to monitor vital signs or medical conditions
  • Failure to report changes in medical conditions to a physician

An important step to take if you or your loved one has suffered injury due to any of the above circumstances is to report the negligence/neglect to the Illinois Department of Public Health.  The IDPH is responsible for licensing, inspecting, and regulating nursing homes in Illinois.

We are dedicated to assisting the victims of nursing home negligence or neglect, as well as their families.  Nursing homes in Illinois are subject to the Nursing Home Care Act.  This statute allows you to recover for damages resulting from neglect or negligence by a nursing home, its employees, and agents.  Kelly & Castagna has experience in pursuing negligence/neglect actions against nursing homes, and we are happy to meet with you to discuss your options if you or someone you love has been injured in a nursing home.